Helena Martínez Cabrera

BA in Political Science from the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona and holding a Master’s Degree in Community Mediation and Social Policies from the Institute of Government and Social Policy of the same city, She has focused her work on the field of political participation; both on the discourses generated by different social movements, the motivations of their participants , pre and post 15-M youth involvement within unconventional political organizations, as well as on the analysis of nature from different waves of political mobilization.

Member of the research team for drafting the “Report on the state of democracy in Catalonia” in 2010 , She was involved in the mapping of changes in disruptive politics from several social movements in Catalonia during the first decade of the 21th century . She begins then to assiduously collaborate with the Center for Studies on Social Movements , located at the UPF and linked to the UNESCO Chair for Intercultural Studies . In 2011 is involved in one research project on motivations for youth participation in unconventional political organizations. She starts one qualitative research in 2012 with the same team comparing discourses by Catalan feminist organizations among the 60-80 decades and from 80′s to the present. In 2013 contacts the People -Environment team based at the UDC in A Coruna , with whom She collaborates in a project on Smart Cities and Sustainable Development.

Recently integrated as a member of the European GLAMURS project, performs tasks such as management assistant . In 2014 plans to start her PhD also in the UDC , with a project about Galician forest policy and local development .

She is co-author of one recently published book as well as half dozen articles and scientific papers in the area of Social Sciences. She has collaborated in the organization of events and academic conferences as well as directed and participated on several media productions of international scope. Committed to student and neighborhood movements, now She focuses her social involvement in cooperatives and other forms of social economy.

Most relevant recent publications (2006-2012)

  • Martínez, H.,(Dir.) y Cronovan Studio. El dret a Gaudí-R. Raons per a una reconquesta veïnal del Park Güell.(2013) Barcelona: Cronovan Studio.
  • Mir, J. (Coord.), Canut, M., Fernández, F., Fishman, R.M., Martínez, H., Nuño de la Rosa, J., Todó, V. y Villacampa, H.,(2013). Moviments socials i joves activistes. Una aproximació qualitativa de la participació de la joventut en organitzacions polítiques no convencional. Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Benestar Social i Família. Direcció General de Joventut.
  • Canut, M. y Martínez, H., .(2012) #ninguensrepresenta. Participació juvenil a organitzacions polítiques no-convencionals i moviments socials.Barcelona: 6º Congreso sobre Jóvenes y Sociedad en Europa y en el Mediterráneo.

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