Rafaella Leonor Improta

Rafaella Lenoir-Improta is PhD in Social Psychology by the University of Barcelona (Research
Group in Social, Environmental and Organizational Psychology), MSc in Social Psychology by
the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil (Research Group in People-Environment
Inter-Actions), and BSc in Psychology from the Federal University of Santa Catarina at the same
country. She has been involved in social-environmental psychology studies regarding different
subjects in several countries and contexts. She is interested in topics concerning critical view
about social acceptance of renewable energy infrastructures, energy and water use, pro-
environmental behaviour, people-place bonds, and public politics. Her MSc study focused on the
social impact of the first large wind farm in Brazil for the communities who live in the vicinity of
this renewable energy infrastructure. Afterwards, she deepened her understanding of this topic in
her PhD thesis regarding the social acceptance of the first wind farm in the far south of Brazil,
focusing on aspects related to people-place bonds and place meanings.

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