María Dolores Losada Otero

Graduate in Philosophy and Educational Sciences by University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain), as well as a Graduate in Psychopedagogy by the University of Corunna (Spain), where she has got a PhD in Psychopedagogy as well. She is currently teaching Social Sciences and Geography in the Secondary Education System.

She is a member of the People-Environment Research Group of the UDC from 2002, where she has collaborated with a number of research projects on Environmental and Educational Psychology, and collaborated with the organization of R+D activities, as the 17th IAPS Conference in 2002, on “Culture, Globalization and Quality of Life”.

She is part of the Strategy Committee of the “X.V.Viqueira” Psychosocial Studies and Research Institute, coordinating the area of Environmental Education.

Her research interests are connected with the field of Environmental Education and Psychology, specifically those related with the analysis of transversality in the Secondary and Primary Education, and the analysis of environmental attitudes and behavior in the school context.

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