Marta Álvarez García

Marta Álvarez has a Degree in Political Science and Master in International Business, she has worked in the Private Sector but also for Civil Service and NGOs.

She has experience in Project and Team Management. For the past years she has developed activities in the field of Development Cooperation and Social Action.

She has publications in the field of Aid Effectiveness and she has collaborated with researchers on Business and Development, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

She has managed projects of the European Social Fund and of the 7PM (LOCAW project: “Low Carbon at Work”, coordinated by the People-Environment Research Group at the UDC).

She is currently the Project Manager of GLAMURS -Green Lifestyles, Alternative models and Up-scaling Regional Sustainability-, a research Consortium formed by 11 partners and funded by the FP7-European Commission, during the period 2014-2016.

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