XXII Conference of the International Association for People-environment Studies (IAPS)

From 24th to 29th June 2012 the 22nd IAPS Conference was held in Glasgow, UK. Four
members of our research group attended this conference, participating in 3 symposia, two of
them promoted by our group.

Organized by our LOCAW Consortium:
Visions of the past and future: participatory approaches to identifying sustainable
pathways in organisations
Ricardo García-Mira*, David Uzzell** & Giuseppe Carrus***
* University of Corunna (Spain); ** University of Surrey (UK); *** University of Roma
Tre (Italy)

Organized jointly by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany:
Coping with urban vulnerability in the interface between research and practice
Kabisch, S.* & Garcia-Mira, R**
* Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany
** University of Corunna, Spain

Organized by the University of Magdeburg (Germany):

Initiating changes in organisations – a forgotten field of environmental psychology?

Ellen Matthies, E
University of Magdeburg, Germany

In addition, our PhD students, Adina Dumitru, Mely Fraga and Alberto Díaz, participated also in the work sessions of the conference, contrasting part of their doctoral work with researchers of a number of countries. An rich experience in contributions and discussions of interest for PhD students.

Young Researchers Doctoral Workshop

In this sense, we underline the work carried out this year by Clare Twigger-Ross, Giuseppe Carrus, Hartmut Günther and Petra Schweizer-Ries. They coordinated excellently the Young Researchers Doctoral Workshop, where PhD students from different parts of the world could contrast their work with other students and be advised by senior experts in the specific field of their specialities. Congratulations for the Organizing Committee!

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