ICAP 2014:From Crisis to Sustainable Well-Being.

In his twenty-eighth edition, the Congress of Applied Psychology(ICAP) brought together about 4500 participants of more than 100 countries. During the meeting, held in Paris between the 8th and 13th of July, a mention was made on how stimulant the current period is being for Applied Psychology in the sense work in connection with different social crises is growing and increasingly demanded. Amongst the attendees, Professor Ricardo García Mira did it both as director of the People-Environment Group from UDC and as president of the “International Association for People-Environment Studies”(IAPS).

The new trends in this field of knowledge were revised and confirmed the commitment of this discipline in the enhancement of a more sustainable model of well-being.The Congress was taken as an opportunity to show  the support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030)  and to think about the contributions Psychology could make to these SDGs: to end poverty everywhere; to promote economic growth and decent work for all; to reduce inequality; to tackle climate change; to promote sustainable ecosystems; and to attain gender equality, quality education, and peaceful and inclusive societies and justice for all.

Likewise, mental health and well-being were highlighted as basic dimensions for the attainment of the SDGs and the inclusion of the “right to the highest standard of physical and mental health and well-being.” was recommended.

The participation of the Professor García Mira materialised into two sessions on the Prediction of sustainable behavior in the workplace, contents which are a part of the outcomes of the LOCAW Project,  and in which organizational  and individual factors affecting pro-environmental behavior were treated in depth by the lecturer.

In closing, and as representative of IAPS, the professor from the UDC was invited as guest to a private reception offered by the Organising Committee for the European Congress of Psychology, whose celebration is foreseen next year in Milan.

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