Professor Ricardo Garcia Mira elected president of the International Association for People Environment Studies.

The 23rd IAPS conference held in Timisoara (Romania) from 23 to 27 June 2014, was the starting point of the Presidency of IAPS by Professor Ricardo García Mira, who in 2013 was elected unanimously by the Board for this responsibility during the period 2014-2018. In his speech, Professor García Mira pledged to IAPS members attending the Annual General Meeting to boost a higher connection between IAPS and the international bodies that are responsible for management of research and innovation (ONU, EU, ERC…), linking our organization as a body of experts in the field of person-environment studies. Also announced that he will strengthen the expansion of IAPS along the international context in which it operates, and he will integrate sustainable management criteria of the organization both in the organizational, social and economic aspects. Professor García Mira congratulated outgoing board members for their work and invited members re-elected and the new entrants, to continuing their hard and coordinated work in this exciting project.

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