Building models for the change towards sustainable lifestyles in Europe.

On March, the 2nd, took place the first of the group of training sessions the People Environment Research Group organizes under the title “”Dialogues on Theoretical Development and Modeling towards Sustainability”. This meeting is intended to help in the building of a consensus among the different streams of expertise the GLAMURS project uses as foreground, including Psichology, Economy, Political Sciences and Computer Engineering. This last discipline was the one the discussions centred, especifically on how the changes towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyles could happen and be included in a model for the future.

GLAMURS, the research project, started in January, 2014 and will finish in 2016. It is managed by the University of Corunna team, and Prof.Dr.Ricardo García Mira is its Coordinator. In it, 11 European Universities are involved and they count on financial support from the European Comission.

Apart from the researchers from the UDC, the theoretical meeting sessions of this international workshop engaged expert researchers from the following universities and Research Centers : University of Bath (UK), James Hutton Institute (Scotland, UK), University of Roma Tre (Italy), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), and Universidad de La Laguna (Spain, Canary Islands) .

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