WORKSHOP ON TRANSFORMATIVE SOCIAL INNOVATION: ” Motivations, relations and transformations: the role of social learning in individual and collective agency for social innovation “.

The People Environment Research Gorup from the University of A Coruña, organizes, in the framework of the European project TRANSIT ( – the international seminar “Motivations, relations and transformations: the role of social learning in individual and collective agency for social innovation “.

 The seminar will be held at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (Graduate Hall, 1st floor) of the University of A Coruña (Campus of Elviña),  between the 8th and 9th June 2016 and will involve thirty researchers and activists, all experts in processes of transformative social innovation.

Download the programme here:TRANSIT_3IW_ACoruna2016_V7 (1)


In TRANSIT, we define social innovation as “changing social relations, involving new ways of thinking, doing, organizing and framing“ But how do these changes happen, what drives them, and what is the role played by different actors in these processes? In order to answer such a question, a psychologically-informed understanding of processes of change within social innovation initiatives and in their interaction with the wider social context is needed.

Thus, in order to deepen this knowledge, the seminar “Motivations, relationships and transformations: The role of social learning in individual and collective agency for social innovation” will focus on the proposals and responses that Social Sciences- Psychology, Political Sciences, Sociology, etc-. can bring to the various issues raised by social innovation initiatives, presenting the most important results of empirical studies TRANSIT has made over 20 international transformative social innovation networks and 40 local innovation initiatives.

 The seminar will generate opportunities for the co-production of knowledge among researchers and activists of social innovation initiatives aimed at providing answers to the following questions: Why social innovations emerge ?, What types of motivations drive involvement in processes of transformative change? What new relationships do social innovations promote? What emerging social learning processes contribute to the creation of new social relations (new ways of thinking, knowing, doing and structuring  the social and political action)?

Information of interest for participants.

  • Language of the Seminar: English
  • Target: The seminar is open to the participation of researchers, and activists interested in the process of transformative social innovation
  • Methodology: participation requires prior registration in the seminar and commitment by the participant to attend at least one full session, either a plenary lecture, discussion session or teamwork session. The proposed working method encourages the exchange and transfer of knowledge and the collective building of knowledge based on the discussions and the resolution of social issues and related questions raised by activists and researchers.
  • Registration: To send an email to with the following information: name, contact phone, email, entity, justification of interest in participating to the seminar.

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