Researchers from GLAMURS attended the 24th IAPS Conference in Lund, Sweden between the 26th of June to 1st of July

The International Association for People-Environment Studies (IAPS) chaired by Prof. Ricardo García Mira, organised the 24th IAPS Conference under the theme “The human being at home, work and leisure. Sustainable use and development of indoor and outdoor spaces in late modern everyday life.” between the 26th of June to 1st of July 2016 in Lund and Alnarp, Sweden (

Several GLAMURS researchers travelled to Sweden to participate and present, among others, some of the project’s preliminary results. Adina Dumitru, Ricardo García Mira, Tony Craig, Vlad Pandur, Anke Fischer, Giuseppe Carrus, Maxie Schulte and Karen Krause gathered there to present insights and discuss about social innovation in sustainable transitions; the role of social learning and empowerment in grassroots social innovations; the biodiversity protection quest in life histories; how sustainable lifestyles can be understood as patterns of time-use; what the main drivers and effects of joining sustainability initiatives are or how sustainable behaviour can be promoted in the workplace through creating contexts for behavioural autonomy; which policies can foster the adoption of pro-environmental behavior in the workplace; how the transmission of pro-environmental norms in large organisations takes place or what could be a research agenda and theoretical perspectives regarding sustainability and wellbeing in the workplace.

Among the highlights of the conference, one Invited Symposium was hosted on Friday, July 1st. One of the speakers, Prof. Ricardo García Mira, together with Terry Hartig, Linda Steg, Gundula Huebner and Karine Weiss, tried to shed light on the future perspectives of Environmental Psychology across Europe throughout histories and practices.

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