GLAMURS at the Ecological Fair EcoGalia: “Is it so hard to live a sustainable lifestyle? Contributions from academic research to dismantle stereotypes.”

On Saturday the 22nd October, the People-Environment Research Group from the University of A Coruna organised a presentation, followed by several discussions, on the implications and results of GLAMURS Project in adopting more sustainable lifestyles. This event took place within the framework of activities in relation to ecology, environment, sustainability and eco-quality of life that the Ecological Fair EcoGalia scheduled during the three days that the event took in the city of A Coruña.

GLAMURS Projects was represented by Adina Dumitru -project coordinator- and her research team, who presented an approach to social and psychological factors that influence sustainable lifestyles and wellbeing, as well as the ecological footprint and the role of citizen initiatives in its promotion. An important idea that emerged was related to the fact that regardless of the economic culture where we live, there is a consensus that the kind of activities that most people would have to make have to do with non-material or economics aspects, which are key for wellbeing and are included within what we consider sustainable lifestyles. Likewise, the session counted on the participation of Araceli Serantes Pazos, an expert on Environmental Education at the University of A Coruna, who spoke about the importance of environmental education and highlighted the fact that resources we compete for are limited and education for sustainable development is a key tool in promoting sustainable lifestyles. Furthermore, the participation of Marcial Blanco Castelos -who belongs to the Responsible and Conscious Consumption Group Zocamiñoca- contributed to share his view on each of the addressed issues, highlighting the benefits that a person may have as a result of participation in civic initiatives like Zocamiñoca, and in this way overcoming the barriers we usually encounter when we try to change our lifestyle.

Besides presentations, a discussion ensued with participants, who expressed opinions about barriers to sustainable lifestyles. But the participation of GLAMURS was not limited only to the presentation of results and discussions, since during the three days that the event lasted, we organised an activity where people passing through the fair could write and share with others their motivations and barriers to change toward a more sustainable lifestyle. The design of this activity was based on an idea developed by the research team of the James Hutton Institute -partner in the GLAMURS project-, in Aberdeen (Scotland).

The ideas that could be collected through this activity during the EcoGalia Fair describe how people continue finding barriers related to time scarcity and lack of money to adopt a sustainable life, and also barriers related to lack of awareness, education and information to promote a change towards sustainable consumption alternatives. Moreover, the motivations that could be collected are focused on the search for an improvement of health and quality of life as personal benefit, and to promote a society oriented towards responsible and conscious consumption contributing to the planet sustainability.

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