45 IAPS Bulletin is now available


Editorial address, by Ricardo García Mira

Here we are again with a new issue of the bulletin of IAPS, with an eye on our next IAPS Conference in Rome. Organized by Giuseppe Carrus and his team of collaborators, the conference will address as a main theme the “Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles changes and human wellbeing: cultural, environmental and political challenges”. We are eager to revisit “the eternal city” to debate, strengthen our research ties, and make new proposals that contribute to a greater or lesser extent to build a more just, safer and more livable world.

In this issue, we include new articles about two relevant topics. On the one hand, Bernardo Jiménez, Verónica Barrios and Tania Flores analyze the impact of the construction of a dam in Temacapulín (Jalisco, Mexico), placing the emphasis on the psychosocial, environmental and health impact factors produced by the anticipation of forced displacement of the population, experienced as a disaster, and the absence of participation in the risk management process.

Anna Bornioli (who won the IAPS Young Researchers Award in 2016 in Lund) discusses the concept of place as a product of personal experiences and implications, introducing the debate about the geographical idea of place, the activators of restorative and affective potential of built scenarios, as well as aspects that have to do with the memory of place, place attachment, and place identity as elements that play an important role in the restorative experience.

The Bulletin also includes the presentation of two research projects that are being carried out in Lisbon and A Coruña, in collaboration with other European universities, under the coordination of Luisa Lima, Paula Castro and others in the case of SCOPE (Sustainable Communities, Organizations and Places), and Adina Dumitru and Ricardo García Mira(under the general coordination of Marcus Collier, from Trinity College Dublin) in the case of CONNECTING Nature (CoproductioN with NaturE for City Transitioning, InnovatioN and Gobernance).

We also dedicate space to the International Conference on Environmental Psychology,organized by the People-Environment Research Group (University of A Coruña), in coordination with the 4th Division of Environmental Psychology of the IAAP, which focused the debate on theories of change and social innovation in transitions towards sustainability.

The 45 IAPS Bulletin is now available for download. Enjoy!

About IAPS 

IAPS is a lively international association of scholars and practitioners from the disciplines which share a fundamental interest in environment and behaviour studies. These include environmental psychology, architecture, geography, urban design, sociology, interior design, landscape, anthropology, planning and environmental management. The association fosters interdisciplinary study of the transactions and interactions between people and their socio-physical surroundings – including both built and natural environments.

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