Robust assessment of NBS impacts: creating the evidence base to inform urban policy-making


The second day of the #Transforming Cities18, dedicated to the “ Robust assessment of NBS impacts: creating the evidence base to inform urban policy-making”, aims to co-produce an impact assessment framework to monitor the performance of NBS, so that incremental knowledge is guaranteed, and feedback used to improve future interventions. Discussing on how the latest developments on monitoring, evaluating and data gathering can contribute to the evidence on the comparative advantage of these interventions stronger.

Thursday 17th will start with the keynotes of two relevant speakers from the Connecting Nature project: David Maddox, The Nature of Cities, USA and Gillian Dick, City of Glasgow, Scotland. They will refer to the “challenges and opportunities towards a reference framework for nature-based solutions”.

The second plenary session will approach the evidence base for assessing the multiple impacts of nature-based solutions. This panel will be composed by Andreas Littkopf (Environment Agency Austria), Jennifer Senick, (Rutgers Center for Green Building, USA), Kate Reilly (IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature) and Adina Dumitru (University of A Coruña), who will present the Connecting Nature’s approach for a robust NBS impact assessment.

After two Cities Summits session, the Thursday afternoon will continue with the plenary keynote by Julie Delcroix, from the DG Research & innovation at the European Commission.

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