José Gabriel Vázquez Fernández

Sociologist, with the specialties of General Sociology and Social Psychology at the Pontifical University of Salamanca (1987).
Doctor in Sociology from the University of A Coruña (2006), defending the doctoral thesis on “conforming images of social reality”

Doctor Professor at the University of A Coruña, since 2012, teaching materials of Social Policy, Structure and Education, being previously Associate Professor at the University of Vigo (1994-97) and A Coruña (1998-2011). Also taught in Master and Postgraduate Courses of various Universities, besides co-directing of the Social Marketing (UDC).

My teaching has been combining with professional work in the field of social research, being Sondaxe Institute Director since its inception in late 1991 until early 2011. Previously working as a Sociologist in the Department of Cooperative Development of the Xunta de Galicia (1989-91) and the Service Employees Organization Assessment and the Public Entity of Spanish Radio Television (1988). At the same time, from 1996 to 1999, I have been in Galicia Delegate of the Spanish Association of Market Research, Marketing and Opinion (AEDEMO). I have conducted more than a thousand studies and social research, mainly demoscopic nature, both regional, national or international, many with widely reported in the media field. Author of half a dozen books on social reality and co-author of many works, some also as coordinator, among other publications include journal articles and media.

I have given many talks, lectures and seminars at various conferences, forums and workshops, both academic, business or institutional level, also participating in several international meetings. So, we can say that, in addition to my teaching, I have made a profile or Social Expert or Consultant, also accompanied by experiences as an entrepreneur in various applications sociological (communication, social networking , app ‘s, etc.). While, in general, I consider myself a contributor to the analysis of social reality in its multiple forms of expression, being my vital project in this area the study and dissemination of comprehensive knowledge of human beings .


  • Vázquez, X. G. (2011): Definición de imagen de la realidad social. Madrid; Editorial Académica Española.
  • Vázquez, X. G. (2011): Las imágenes conformantes de la realidad social. Madrid; Editorial Académica Española.
  • Vázquez, X. G. (2011): Perfil y Tipologías sociales en Galicia. Madrid; Editorial Académica Española.
  • Vázquez, X. G. (2009): Análise da sociedade galega. León; Editorial Orbigraf.
  • Vázquez, X. G. (Coord.) (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 y 2009): Atlas Socioeconómico de Galicia. Vigo; Edita Caixanova.
  • Certificado de la Consultora “Dun & Bradstreet España”, incluyendo al Instituto Sondaxe en el “Prestige Ratting Book” y reconociéndolo como una de las mejores empresas españolas del año 2001.
  • Pioneros en Europa en la publicación en un medio de comunicación de un Tracking Electoral.
  • Dirección y coordinación del mayor trabajo de campo realizado en España, con un millón y medio de formularios para la tarjeta sanitaria en Galicia.
  • Dirección del trabajo de campo en varios idiomas para la primera gran regularización de la inmigración en España.

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