Xaquín Pérez-Sindín López

Doctor in Sociology from University of A Coruña. Since September 2012, he has served as lecturer in research methods at the Faculty of Economics of Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. He has also conducted seminars on urban and development sociology at the Faculty of Architecture of the same university.

In his doctoral thesis, defended in December 2015, he studied the urban, economic and social changes patterns in a town affected by a coal opencast mine, its consequences in terms of migration, community conflicts and social cohesion. By mean a mixed method approach, he analyzed the discursive construction of the changes occurred to later compare it with the objectivist and quantitative analysis based results. The thesis ambition to contribute both empirically an theoretically to recent debates around megaprojects, understood as those projects that, due to their large scale, have great social, environmental and budgetary impact. With especial attention to those involving important socio-economic and territorial transformations, such as mining and energy related ones.

During the summer 2015, he visited the department of urban and environmental sociology of Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung UFZ , Leipzig, Germany, where he conducted a fieldwork aiming at compare the environmental restoration process that took place in the post-mining region of southern Leipzig and the case studied in his thesis. This fact has motivated his growing interest in the study of environmental restoration process and, particularly, in terms of public participation, social communication and risk management.

Between June 2005 and February 2010 he was involved in approximately twenty social applied research projects in the consulting industry, having conducted fieldwork both in Spain and Portugal. Between March 2010 and May 2011 he worked at the American corporation Thomson Reuters, in Poland, where his research activity focused upon the analysis of the main economic developments in Portuguese speaking countries economies, as well as writing up press headlines in English.


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