Pressure Cooker 2015

Theories of change in sustainability transitions

Pressure cooker
University of A Coruña, 10-11th of September 2015

Prof. Ricardo García Mira (University of A Coruña)
Adina Dumitru, Ricardo Garcia Mira, Niki Frantzeskaki

The second Pressure Cooker, hosted by the People-Environment Research Group of the University of A Coruña (Spain) and the GLAMURS project, coordinated by Prof. Ricardo García Mira, gathered together in Coruña from the 10th to the 11th of September, 2015, representatives of nine European projects. All projects study, from a variety of scientific perspectives, the mechanisms through which effective societal transformation towards sustainability can be achieved, and they all tackle the role of individual and collective agency in sustainability transitions. They also have in common the study of a wide range of sustainability and social innovation initiatives and networks across Europe and beyond and focus on their role in complex processes of sustainable change. The rich discussions of the symposium were focused on the following research questions:

• What theories of change do initiatives hold and how do they influence their action and experience?
• What do different pathways of transition to sustainable societies reveal about mechanisms of large- scale societal change and what is the role of different types of actors in these processes?
• How do these theories of change play out in processes of collective agency and empowerment?
• How does the situated yet global nature of these networks influence their theories of change and experience of societal transformation?
• How do scientific theories interact with dominant societal narratives of change and with the initiatives’ theories?
• What is the role of individual agents in processes of societal transformation?
• What is the meaning of individual and collective agency and their relationship to empowerment in these processes?
• If agency is a relational process, what factors need to be in place to promote relationships that lead to empowerment and a feeling of collective agency?
• How do processes of human needs for coherence and stability play out within initiatives and networks and what effects do they have for societal transformation efforts?
• How do theories of change influence agents’ personal and collective identities?


From the 10th-11th of September 2015 the 2nd Pressure Cooker Event of the EU projects GLAMURS, ARTS, TESS and TRANSIT was held in A Coruna (Spain). Please find all presentations and materials of the event below:

- Proceedings

- Concept and Agenda

- Videos

- Presentations


Welcome speech by Ricardo Garcia Mira

Presentation 1 – Socio-ecological transition by Domenico Rossetti 1.7 MB
Presentation 2 – Sustainable lifestyles and green economy by Ricardo García Mira 1.4 MB
Presentation 3 – The role of individual and collective agency by Adina Dumitru and Ricardo García-Mira 579 KB
Presentation 4 – Time use, energy consumption and lifestyle changes by Malik Curuk and Sjak Smulders 322 KB
Presentation 5.1 – ARTS Short overview by Niki Frantzeskaki 4 MB
Presentation 5.2 – PATHWAYS Intro by Joyce Zwartkruis 
1.4 MB
Presentation 5.3 – TESS Intro by Dr. Anne Holsten 
422 KB
Presentation 6 – Accelerating sustainability transitions ARTS by Markus Egermann (IOER) & Niki Frantzeskaki (DRIFT) 1 MB

Presentation 1 – TRANSIT Theory-overview by Alex Haxeltine, Bonno Pel, Julia Backhaus, Tim O’Riordan, Adina Dumitru, Isabel Lema, Julia Wittmayer and Flor Avelino 3.6 MB
Presentation 1.1 – TRANSIT Narratives of change by Julia M. Wittmayer, Flor Avelino, Julia Backhaus, Bonno Pel and Tim Strasser 8.7 MB
Presentation 2 – Bridging integrated assessment modelling (PATHWAYS) by Holger Berg, Joyce Zwartkruis and Andries Hof 1.1 MB
Presentation 3 – EUINNOVATE by Simon Dolan 602 KB
Presentation 3.1 – Culture reengineering & sustainable innovation by Simon Dolan 4.9 MB
Presentation 4 – Agency and transitions by Tony Craig, Gary Polhill and Jiaqi Ge 797 KB
Presentation 5 – BIOMOT Project by Marino Bonaiuto 2.3 MB
Presentation 6 – MILESECURE by Giovanni Caiati 253 KB
Presentation 7 – The rise of human factor by Giovanni Caiati 1.5 MB

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